Institute Executive Director: This Is How to Create Positive Social Change

oralhistoryjournalWinter Institute executive director Dr. Susan M. Glisson was recently featured in a special human rights issue of Oral History Forum d’histoire orale, the e-journal of the Canadian Oral History Association.

Glisson’s piece, “Everything Old is New Again: Storytelling and Dialogue as Tools for Community Change in Mississippi,” focuses on the transformative power of storytelling to create meaningful social change. It covers more than a decade of the Institute’s storytelling work in Mississippi communities, including Philadelphia, Tallahatchie County, and Oxford. Some sample language from the essay:

In a culture that prefers the “thingification” of people, as Martin Luther King called it, over celebrations of dignity and common cause, courageous community leaders are engaged in a “citizen insurgency,” demanding connection and positive change amidst rampant consumerism, separation and injustice.

Oral History Forum d’histoire orale began publication in 1975 and is now an open access e-journal; it publishes peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and other contributions to the field of oral history and oral tradition.

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