Academic Service


Scholarship and scholastic outreach, both at the University of Mississippi and reaching beyond campus into the world, compose the Winter Institute’s Academic Service work. Academic Service forms a critical bridge that connects our Community Relations work to our Youth Engagement, and it is a focus we are dedicated to expanding in coming years.

As we build a Civic Engagement minor track and grow our knowledge about communities throughout the state, we are forging partnerships throughout the UM campus to inject intercultural awareness and experiences into classrooms and orientation programs, including the Greek community and first-year acclimation activities.

The Winter Institute serves the University of Mississippi and the larger academic community through public speakers, scholarly research, curriculum for teachers, and conferences.

Future Academic Service

As part of its strategic plan for the next five years, the Winter Institute will create a world class multi-disciplinary center for scholarly research, study, and teaching on race and the impact of race and racism across traditional academic areas.

The needs of communities served by the Institute will help identify academic research projects for the Institute. The research capacity and accumulated knowledge of the academic arm will provide hard data to ground our community-building programs and provide protocols to measure results and verify best practices.

The teaching function of Academic Service will support the Institute’s education outreach programs, and assist in developing curriculum on matters of race. The Institute’s local programs will maintain our focus on achieving tangible results in the everyday world, provide field verification for academic research, expand the University’s definition of teaching and education to include service programs, and bring local communities and other non-campus constituencies within the University’s mission.

The Institute will provide a setting where educators, scholars, business and professional leaders, policy makers, politicians, local community leaders and members, and grassroots activists can meet to listen to and learn from each other on matters of race and racism.

Academic Initiatives will include:

Community Engagement Minor

Open Access Website Spotlighting:

  • Anti-Racism Curriculum
  • Anti-Oppression Exercises
  • Topical Bibliographies
  • Documentaries of Interest
  • Freedom Summer Academic Curriculum
  • Global Classrooms
  • Mississippi Archival Resources
  • Scholarly Articles on Racial Reconciliation