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Scholarship and scholastic outreach, both at the University of Mississippi and reaching beyond campus into the world, compose the Winter Institute’s Academic Service work. Academic Service forms a critical bridge that connects our Community Relations work to our Youth Engagement, and it is a focus we are dedicated to expanding in coming years.

As we build a Civic Engagement minor track and grow our knowledge about communities throughout the state, we are forging partnerships throughout the UM campus to inject intercultural awareness and experiences into classrooms and orientation programs, including the Greek community and first-year acclimation activities.

The Winter Institute serves the University of Mississippi and the larger academic community through public speakers, scholarly research, curricular and co-curricular activities for K-12 and higher education educators, campus workshops professional development crisis managements, detection of systemic and institutional racism and inequity, and regional and local conferences.

Winter Institute Academic Service works with all campus stakeholders including academic departments, human resources, student affairs, residence hall life, Greek life, student social and political groups, first year experiences, athletics, honor’s colleges, specialty students scholar programs, centers for diversity and inclusion, campus events and specialty weeks, orientation, admissions, sensitivity and respect communities, educational initiatives focusing on race and other forms of difference, bias incident response teams, and faculty groups.

In addition to partnering with the University of Mississippi, the Winter Institute’s Academic Service has worked with the University of Mississippi Law School, University of Mississippi Medical School, Delta State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Northeast Community College, University of Memphis, Tulane University, University of Alabama, University of Montevallo, Oakwood University, Bowdoin College, University of California Irvine, University of Washington, University of South Carolina, Columbia University, Colgate University, Fort Lewis College, and the University of the Free State, University of Witswatersrand, University of Capetown, and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Professional organizations worked with include the Memphis Veteran’s hospital, Alabama Possible, Museum of the Mississippi Delta, ALHEDO, Teach for America, Americorps, Youthlink, Mississippi’s Civil Rights Museum, Mississippi Department of History and Archives, Mississippi’s Episcopalian Church, St. Andrew’s  School, Human Rights Campaign, Institute for Southern Jewish Life, New Orleans Mayor’s office, Positioned for Progress Conference, Southern Foodways Alliance, Isom Center,

Continued and Future Academic Service

As part of its strategic plan for the next five years, the Winter Institute will continue to work with campus across the South and the nation as well as educational professionals to create productive and inclusive living, learning, and recreational spaces.  They will continue to work to create a civic and community engagement minor at the University of Mississippi.  Also, for community building practitioners, the Institute will create a certificate program for individuals wishing to become practitioners of the Welcome Table process. Academic service will endeavor to create a world class multi-disciplinary center for scholarly research, study, and teaching on race and the impact of race and racism and its intersectionality with other personal and collective identities across traditional  and innovative academic areas. Academic service will continue to build collaborations dedicated to equity and eliminating inequality on the University of Mississippi’s campus and campuses across Mississippi, the South, and the nation.

Academic Service will continue to support other Winter Institute initiatives including community building and youth development and leadership.  Academic Service will continue to develop professional development for Welcome Table communities. Academic Service will also continue to develop, staff, and deploy the Winter Institute’s Summer Youth Programs.

Academic Service will continue to work directly with undergraduate and graduate students in classes, as university representatives, and with student social, political, economic activists to develop the knowledge and skills needed to create equity and become change agents in their classes and in other campus spaces. Academic Service will continue to support and assist in the development the Institute’s education outreach programs, and assist in developing curriculum on matters of race. The Institute’s local programs will maintain our focus on achieving tangible results in the everyday world, provide field verification for academic research, expand the University’s definition of teaching and education to include service programs, and bring local communities and other non-campus constituencies within the University’s mission.

The Institute will provide a setting where educators, scholars, business and professional leaders, policy makers, politicians, local community leaders and members, and grassroots activists can meet to listen to and learn from each other on matters of race and racism.

Academic Initiatives will include:

Civic and Community Engagement Minor

Welcome Table Certificate Program

Equity Training for Campus Stakeholders

Conversation Facilitation Focusing on 

Open Access Website Spotlighting:

  • Equity Curriculum
  • Anti-Oppression Exercises
  • Topical Bibliographies
  • Documentaries of Interest
  • Freedom Summer Academic Curriculum
  • Global Classrooms
  • Mississippi Archival Resources
  • Scholarly Articles on Creating and Maintaining Equity



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