Miss. Civil Rights Education

When the Winter Institute began working in Philadelphia, Miss., McComb, and Tallahatchie County in 2004-05, a common refrain we heard from teachers was that there was no room in the curriculum to teach civil rights history, that their instructions to “teach to the test” made it difficult.  They told us that if they had authority from public officials they could make it a priority.

On the heels of the 2005 conviction of Edgar Ray Killen, the Winter Institute wrote the language for a bill that would ultimately result, through bipartisan support, in Senate Bill 2718, which, as MS CODE 37-13-191,195, mandates human rights instructions in Mississippi classrooms, K-12.


Sarah Alford Ballard

Jackie Bland

Dr. Wilma Clopton

Dr. Roy DeBerry

Dr. Susan M. Glisson, Chair

Dr. Eddie Aaron Holloway

Dr. Leslie Burl McLemore

Dr. Alpha Morris

Dr. Minion Kenneth Chauncey “KC” Morrison

Therese Palmertree

Dr. Ollye L. Brown Shirley

Dr. Abdul M. Turay

Dianne Walton

Doretha Wiley

Dr. W. Marty Wiseman


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