Winter Institute Civil Rights Reading List

Medgar Evers and the Origin of the Civil Rights Movement

Teaching Medgar Evers

The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: ‘The Great Truth’ about The ‘Lost Cause,’ edited by James W. Loewen and Edward H. Sebesta, published by the University Press of Mississippi

The Other Side of Paradise: Glimpsing Slavery in the University’s Utopian Landscapes by Mark Auslander

Remembrance in Slavery’s Aftermath: A Day of Commemoration, Reflection, and Celebration, February 6, 2011 in Covington and Oxford, Newton County, Georgia

The Eyes of Willie McGee: A Tragedy of Race, Sex, and Secrets in the Jim Crow South by Alex Heard

The Past is Never Dead: The Trial of James Ford Seale and Mississippi’s Struggle for Redemption by Harry N. MacLean

Restorative Justice and Public Education in Mississippi class: Education 333, cross-listed as EDUC 555 and LAW 698

Click here for the Powerpoint show for the Restorative Justice and Public Education in Mississippi class.

Winter Institute Director Susan Glisson’s dissertation: “Neither Bedecked Nor Bebosomed:” Lucy Mason, Ella Baker and Women’s Leadership and Organizing Strategies in the Struggle for Freedom”

Hugh S. Whitaker’s 1963 FSU master’s thesis report “A Case Study in Southern Justice: The Emmett Till Case”

Ellen Whitten’s paper on the original trial and the reopening of the Emmett Till case

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