Jackson, MS

In 2002, the Winter Institute helped Lanier High School in Jackson secure a grant from the First Amendment Center, which named Lanier a “First Amendment School.” The project funded students to create a school constitution and a school newspaper, as well as engaging students in other projects of informed citizenship, through the lens of First Amendment freedoms.

In March 2008, congregants from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral asked the Winter Institute to help facilitate dialogue about the legacy of race in the Jackson Episcopal community. The resultant group—which includes parishioners from St. Mark’s, St. Christopher, St. Alexis, and St. Andrew’s Cathedral as well as non–Episcopals from the Jackson area—eventually broadened the conversation about race to focus on “[reflection] and [dialogue] on dreams for a vibrant downtown Jackson community.”

Through this process, a few common themes emerged as areas for further study and action: economic justice, neighborhood organizing, media activism, young people/education, reaching out to the not like–minded and anti–racism training.

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