Youth Engagement

2018 Summer Youth Institute: July 21-29

Applications Now Open


A common problem identified by our partner communities is the need to convey the same lessons they have learned through The Welcome Table process—listening to and respecting others, the inherent value in every person’s story, the power of a diverse, committed group to solve problems—to their communities’ youth.

Our youth work endeavors to create young citizens committed to helping their communities. Every bit as important, we endeavor to illustrate for these young citizens that their commitment can indeed make a difference.

We also aim to show our youth that their communities are vital elements of a global community. National and international partnerships with other youth organizations, such as Northern Ireland’s Youth Link and Hawaii’s Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services, illustrate, through ongoing relationships, the common struggles that these young citizens’ communities face and reveal new angles from which to tackle and solve them.



Growing Our Own (2012), 28 min.

In June 2011, filmmakers Philip Scarborough and Tom Beck followed 32 high school students from across Mississippi as they attended a 9-day experience centered on race, civil justice, and community building called the Summer Youth Institute. While they learned about the rich and complex histories of their communities, these young people also learned about each other and themselves in the process.

  • Growing Our Own Growing Our Own

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