For Parents

2018 Summer Youth Institute: July 21-29

Parents, click this link for the 2018 SYI schedule


Dear Parents,

The Summer Youth Institute experience is an opportunity to contribute greatly to your student’s future success in every area of life.

As a Summer Youth Institute participant, your child will learn ways to develop her or his values, skills, and knowledge. This growth will be made possible by learning Mississippi’s civil rights history, by having powerful discussions with other students and counselors, and by living for nine days in a rich collegiate atmosphere.

Your job does not end with encouraging your daughter or son to apply for SYI, however. As your child applies, becomes accepted, and attends the Institute, she/he will need all of your dedication and support. By combining our efforts and our attention, we can make this experience exceptional for your daughter or son.

On the first day of SYI, we have a mandatory orientation meeting for parents/guardians. This orients you to what SYI is about and helps you support your student. On the final day of the program, participants present what they accomplished over the week and what they hope to bring back to their communities at a ceremony. We hope you will plan to join us at the ceremony for light refreshments and the student presentations.

The Summer Youth Institute is highly selective, and, unfortunately, we are able to accept only a small fraction of applicants. If your child is not one of the selected students, we truly hope you will stay in touch with the Winter Institute and that your child will become involved in our other youth programs that take place throughout the school year.

To learn more about the program, please visit our Summer Youth Institute page. If your young person is ready to begin their SYI journey, they may get started HERE.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Summer Youth Institute. We hope to see you in June!


The Winter Institute



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