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Dear Prospective Summer Youth Institute Participant:

Summer Youth Institute Participants are students seeking to learn ways to make a difference in their community, create change in the world, and have tons of fun doing it.

Most SYI experiences happen at the University of Mississippi, in Oxford, Miss.  You’ll enjoy a college-like experience by staying in residence halls, eating at campus dining facilities, and performing research on campus.

At the Summer Youth Institute, you will learn about what you can do to change your community from the inside out, starting with you how you view and process the world around you.  The SYI experience teaches participants new ways of talking about diversity and change, and much more.  SYIers take several field trips around Mississippi to learn about the rich Civil Rights history of your state and the people and places that make that history so rich and instructive. One of the most surprising things that come out of these trips is how close to your age so many of those who shaped Civil Rights in your state were when they began; they are older now, of course, but students are often surprised to learn that some of the names they learn belong to people who live in their towns and counties.

You will meet new people, make awesome friends, and become a part of the growing family of the William Winter Institute and the Mississippi Youth Circle.  Apply to the Summer Youth Institute to take your leadership skills to a new level and to become a part of the new leadership for Mississippi!

When we begin the 2016 application process, you may start the process here.


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