SYI Class Songs

Same Level

A Song of Hope, Written and Recorded by Our Students

One of the many highlights of the 2014 Summer Youth Institute occurred when the Delta Music Institute’s Mobile Music Lab visited.

The song that the students wrote and recorded in June, “Same Level,” carries a wonderful and timely message as we search for hope and strength amid recent events in Ferguson and New York City.The video for “Same Level,” linked below, was created by one of our students, using images from SYI, including a Community Building project in the Delta and a day trip to the Neshoba County site of the 1964 Freedom Summer murders.

Be warned: “Same Level” is a catchy tune! Staff are constantly singing and humming it. Enjoy, and please share this video during the holiday season: Folks should know the optimism that our students exude and inspire.


Some of the activities documented in the video above from SYI 2014:

  • A visit from Bill and Rita Bender to discuss educational disparities and the historical factors and context that contributed to them (Rita Bender recently accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom as the widow of Michael Schwerner)
  • A visit to the Neshoba County, Mississippi, site of the Freedom Summer murders of civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner
  • Community Building in Baptist Town, an African American community in Greenwood, in the Mississippi Delta
  • Students presenting, to a full auditorium on the last day, the community projects they have designed that they will launch upon returning home
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