One Mississippi



One Mississippi is a student group devoted to monitoring race relations on campus and championing the enfranchisement of minority students. Its goals are threefold: to provide an open space for students, staff, and faculty to voice their concerns and experiences; to ensure that the campus is having vital conversations about race; and to promote, through events, seminars, and close contact with both student government and campus administration, the inclusion and equality of students of all races. Visit our Facebook page.


One Mississippi helped initiate and organize the “We are One Mississippi Candlelight Walk” that gathered in front of the University of Mississippi Lyceum on November 8th, in response to the racially-fueled election night protests. The assembled crowd, numbering more than 700 people from all around the state, affirmed their commitment to racial equality and mutual respect at the University and in the state of Mississippi. The event drew national media attention, and was covered by such news outlets as the New York Times, Huffington Post, the Washington Post, MSN, and the New York Daily News.

One Mississippi hosted semi-weekly meetings during the 2012-13 school year, which served both as a place for One Mississippi members to discuss group business and strategies and as a safe space for students to come together and have meaningful discussions about race relations on campus. We hosted several open discussions concerning the election night incident, the university’s response to said incident, and the campus climate in general. One event, a discussion of the proposition to change the “Mr. Ole Miss” title and the impact of racially charged symbols on campus, drew upwards of 60 students and several faculty members. One Mississippi also sponsors seminars and events on campus, one of which included a “Race 101” seminar hosted by a panel of faculty members.

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